Roberto Camasmie

Roberto Camasmie starts your career on the 60th eternizing, in hand-made portraits, the greatest socialites of São Paulo. At the same time, his work conquered Europe and surprised by how the artist used the most diverse techniques and materials with creativity, originality and novelty.

Strong and beautiful women like Jacqueline Onassis, Sophia Loren, Catherine Deneuve, Diane Von Furstenberg and Princess Diana are among those portrayed by Camasmie. The artist has already been nominated for "Who's Who", one of the world's most famous dictionaries, in which the most well-known personalities in art and fashion are mentioned

And also Brazil’s history has the traces of Roberto’s work. He created a lot of paintings and portraits of presidents, politicians and important personalities of our country. In addition to the portraits, Camasmie has his trajectory marked by painting dolls, flowers, animals, Brazilian cities and audacious re-readings of works that marked the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as oil paintings inspired by the Dutch, Flemish and Venetian Schools.

50 years of Success

The artist completes 50 years of a career that has gone through several phases, techniques and much success. From the ink to the fabric, through unusual elements like wine and the simple pencil of color, Camasmie goes through bucolic, pop, Dutch phases, but always stamped with his extraordinary talent.


  • 1952 -1969

    1952 Roberto Camasmie is born São Paulo.

    1963 Starts to paint the firsts crayon portraits in high school, where he studied professionally at age 11.

    1967 Participates in the exhibition at the Atréia Gallery

    1968 In the summer season of Guarujá, begins to portray the 10 most elegant socialites in São Paulo, the social columnist José Tavares de Miranda from Jornal Folha de São Paulo was his godfather

    1969 On Paris, portrays Jacqueline Onassis at Maison Dior

  • 1971 - 1975

    1971 Participates in 2 international expositions: Lion (France) and Art Festival (Monaco

    1972 Collective exposition at Galeria Portal in São Paulo.

    1973 Exhibits at the inauguration of the Vernissage Gallery in Rio de Janeiro

    1974 Participates in a collective exhibition at the La Daumer Gallery (Paris) alongside names such as the precursor of the tapestry Jean Lurçart and Fernand Léger.

    1975 - Participates in tapestry exhibitions at the Tudor's Gallery (New York), where he is successful due to his unprecedented technique: velvet painting.

  • 1979 - 1981

    1979 - Individual exhibition at Galeria Portal in São Paulo

    1979 - Portray Sophia Loren with her children, commissioned by the decorator Francois Catroux through the gallery La Daume de Paris, for a new decoration of the apartment of 32 ave George V.

    1981 - Holds an individual exhibition at the Hotel Casa Grandel Guarujá (SP) together with renowned portrait painter and painter Darcy Penteado.

    1981 - Travels to London to deliver the portrait of Princess Diana, made in ink on velvet, commissioned by the ambassador Roberto Campos, as a wedding gift from S.A.R. Prince Charles with Lady Diana Spencer

    1981 - It has a daily interview in the program "Ela" Rede Bandeirantes de Televisão, directed by Walter Clark, about art and decoration

  • 1982 - 1983

    1982 - The portrait of the Princess, stylist, fashion designer and personality of the international jet set, Diana Von Furstenberg, creator of the Wrap Dress. This portrait, pyrographed and fire-painted in velvet, was delivered to her atelier in New York.

    1982 - Nominated to be part of Who's Who International.

    1983 - Individual exhibition at the Galeria Portal de Arte (SP) of its new phase of works with two themes: masculine faces with immense heads made of leaves and exotic flowers, with an influence of celebrated French surrealist artist Leonor Fini, and floral tapestries inside of the hyperrealistic style.

    1983 - Creates a portrait of the princes of Monaco Rainier III, Grace, Caroline, Albert and Stephanie, at the request of the consul of Monaco in Brazil, Sílvio da Costa e Silva, with whom delivers the work in the Royal Palace of Monaco. In the same year, Roberto receives the Christmas card of the Grimaldi Family with a photograph of the royal family, having as background the work created by the artist.

  • 1984 - 1986

    1984 - At the invitation of the Swedish Consulate, he portrays Queen Sílvia with a background of Brazilian fauna orchids, and delivers the painting during her visit to Brazil.

    1984 - Individual exhibition at the Galeria Portal (SP) of his new phase: dream and romantic dolls, using as inspiration the metaphysical art of Giorgio de Chirico.

    1984 - Creates the portrait of Catherine Deneuve in a new theme in velvet, amidst wisteria and orchids. This portrait was commissioned by Mr Hans Stern, owner of the HStern jewellery store, commemorating the launch of the collection of CD jewellery and performs the delivery of the portrait for the actress in his visit to Brazil at the inauguration of the Macksoud Plaza Hotel.

    1985 - Individual exhibition in the Gallery Deck in Ribeirão Preto.

    1986 - Participates in expositions at the Claude Bernard Gallery in Paris.

    1986 - For the inauguration of his first gallery in Itaim Bibi, he travelled to Europe to research the works of the great masters of the 16th and 17th centuries and the painters of the Flemish and Dutch Schools.

  • 1987 - 1993

    1987 - Exhibits at the Jequitimar Hotel and Galeria Alcalá in Campos.

    1988 - With a great exhibition at Clube Monte Líbano (SP) he dedicated to the interpretation and re-reading of all works by Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. To create the works he used broken frames to form an integral part.

    1988 - Individual exhibition at Hípica, Campinas (SP).

    1989 - Creates a quadriptych with the face of Paloma Picasso a new version of the portrait of "Interpretation and Re-readings".

    1990 - The then mayor of São Paulo, Luiza Erundina, is portrayed by the artist in ink and with abstract brushstrokes.

    1990 - Paints the portrait of the then Minister of Finance Zélia Cardoso de Melo, the first woman to occupy the position in the Palace of the Planalto

    1993 - Inaugurates its new gallery in the Gardens in São Paulo.

  • 1994 - 1997

    1994 - With the title "Portraits of Famous Artists", he presents an exhibition showing the great painters of Modern and Contemporary Art as Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral, Ismael Nery, Alberto da Veiga Guignard and Manabu Mabe, who portrayed important figures of their times.

    1994 - The Japanese publication The Monthly Magazine Of Art Plaza, one of the most respected art magazines in the world, devotes three pages to the life and work of the artist.

    1995 - Roberto Camasmie begins his paintings of animals portraying countless: horses, hunting dogs, rare breeds and other pets.

    1996 - He travels to Paris and London, where he contacts portraitists to develop new methods of working the portrait.

    1996 - Upon request of the Albert Einstein Hospital, he portrays the former presidents: Dr Manoel T. Hidal, Dr Jozef Fehér and Dr Reynaldo André Brandt, for the Monumental Hall of the hospital entrance.

    1997 - He travels to Las Vegas, where he visits a large exhibition of the Hermitage Museum in Russia, to be inspired from the colors of Marc Chagall for new portraits.

    1997 - He honors Pope John Paul II with a portrait during his visit to Brazil.

  • 1998 - 2001

    1998 - Andy Warhol and the American pop-art of the 60s, enter full force in his work. The first portrait of this series belongs to Jacira Camasmie, his mother, who is interpreted on the screen in several segments of the same image.

    1999 - He portrays the First Lady, Mrs Ruth Cardoso, in the pop line and interprets her in 6 phases, under the influence of artists like Archimboldo, Roy Lichtenstein, Flávio de Carvalho, Picasso, Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall.

    1999 - To order of the Chamber of Deputies, he portrays several personalities for the gallery of the entity. For the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo, he portrays the former presidents Vitor Sapienza, Ricardo Tripoli and Paulo Kobayashi.

    2000 - He was invited to attend one of the most famous Monaco Art and Antiques Hall, where famous galleries are represented.

    2001 "Seductive Brush", with this headline, Forbes magazine published in the Brazilian edition, the importance and the representativeness of the portrait in the world, with emphasis on the Brazilian artist Roberto Camasmie.

  • 2002 - 2003

    2002 - Draws the portraits of the players of the Brazilian National Team, with his coach Luis Felipe Scolari, in black and white with crayon and exposes them in his gallery, during the period of the World Cup.

    2002 - The famous poet makes the portrait of Rodrigues de Abreu for the cover of his memoir with the title "Meu Caro Rodrigues de Abreu".

    2003 - On a diptych screen with the Brazilian flag in the background and following the Expressionist School, he draws the portrait of President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, at the request of the army commander Vespasiano Gonçasves de Albuquerque, and delivered to the president in the commemorations of Army Day, in Brasilia.

    2003 - It portrays the Formula One drivers: Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard, in brushed steel plates, with an unpublished technique of graphics, these works were on display at Hotel Transamérica Brasil.

    2003 - He is invited to the season of Castle de Caras, in the Loire Valley, France, to portray Luiza Brunet and Marcos Mion.

    2003 - It makes the portrait in the abstract style of the composer and singer Toquinho, for the commemoration of the 40 years of the artist's career.

  • 2004 - 2005

    2004 - It portrays the Mayor of São Paulo, Marta Suplicy, in homage to the 450 Years of the city, in pastel on paper, with Paulista Avenue in the background.

    2004 - Exhibition in the Galeria União Cultural Brasil-Estados Unidos, Santos, of portraits of personalities of the city.

    2004 - It portrays the former presidents of the Commodities and Futures Exchange - BM & F.

    2004 - The artist reopens his space, with an exposition of his new phase. He uses and abuses the figure to trace his modernity. Cola, paints, sewing, pin, even makeup, in a contemporary game, throwing cardboard, tissue paper, ink, blush and objects on top of the work. They are portrayed: Rodrigo Santoro, Luiza Brunet, Jorge Takla, Gloria Coelho, Ana Hickmann, Marla Pêra, Carla Amorim, Luana Piovani, Jô Clemente, Marco Antonio di Biaggi, Costanza Pascolato, Felipe Crescenti, Amaury Jr., Hebe Camargo, Alexandre Herscowitch , Camila Morgado, Adriana Barra, Neka Menna Barreto and Roberto Justus

    2005 - Makes the unusual Mothers of Chocolate exhibition, a tribute to her mother, Jacira Camasmie, for Mother's Day, in which she portrays known mothers and children, using chocolate and confectionery instead of paint. Among the chosen mothers are Gabriela and Regina Duarte, Cláudia Raia, Irene Ravache, Viviane Pasmanter, Mônica Waldvogel, Isabella Suplicy, Ema and Adriane Galisteu, Luciano and Beth Szafir, Patrícia Cavalcanti, Zizi Possi, Cláudia Liz, Dayse Gasparian, Gisela Amaral , Paula Lima, Brunette Fracarolli and Regina Moraes.

    2005 - He performs another unusual show: Pais de Vinho, a tribute to his father, Jaime Camasmie, for Father's Day, in which he portrays well-known parents, using various types of wine instead of the paint. Among the chosen parents are Rabbi Henri Sobel, Jorge Elias, Ronnie Von, Alex Atalla, Alvaro Garnero, Edgardo Martolio, Gugu Liberato, João Dória Jr., José Aristodemo Pinotti, Netinho de Paula, Paulo Renato de Souza, Ricardo Amaral, Romeu Tuma, Tom Cavalcanti.

    2005 - At the end of the year, he promotes another unpublished exhibition: Children with Colored Pencils, in honor of the children. She portrays children of well-known parents in colored pencils, framing works with carts, dolls, pets, and other toys. Among the children chosen were the sons of Moacir Franco, Chitãozinho, Isabel Filardis, Caroline Bittencourt, Gugu Liberato, Valéria Valenssa and Hans Donner, Sonia Francine, NaniVenâncio, Juca Chaves, Lars Grael, Audi Boy, Edgardo Martolio and Luigi Baricelli.

  • 2006 - 2007

    2006 - He opens the year with the exhibition Celestial Light: his abstract canvases are influenced by the Impressionist School, especially by Claude Monet.

    2006 - For Valentine's Day, the exhibition Kiss, a romantic series of his work, with a technique of graphite, glue and oil on wood.

    2007 Inspired by schools and varied styles, such as art-nouveau and pop-art, the exhibition Mitos de Pano: portraits of personalities that marked the 20th century, on irregular pieces of fabric, a true quilt. Elvis Presley, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Santos Dumont, Einstein are part of the show, plus a number of nudes, in the same style. In the exhibition, the artist also honors Pope Benedict XVI, during his visit to Brazil and Frei Galvão, the first Brazilian saint, newly canonized, the work is now in the monastery of the Light. Camasmie portrays the Pope in the same line as the others portraits of the show: 4 versions in varied styles and makes another portrait of Benedict XVI in oil on canvas, gift of the First Lady, Dona Marisa Letícia da Silva, for the Supreme Pontiff. Also with a mixed technique on several pieces of cloth, the artist makes the portrait of Frei Galvão and delivers the work in the Museum of Sacred Art, where the chapel of the saint is located.

    2007 - From the fan, a millennial piece that was present in the great halls of the Empire and the last century - and which promises to return to fashion next summer - Roberto Camasmie creates 50 pieces in the most varied styles, schools and various techniques in the exhibition Leques, being part of the exhibition some portraits painted in the silk fan the faces of: Gloria Menezes, Claudia Leitte, Cristiane Torlone, Luciana Gimezes.

    2007 - At the invitation of Alberto Haiar, owner of the Cavalera brand, Camasmie reprints his paintings from the 70s and 80s with the portraits of the socialites: Carmem Mayrink Veiga, Odile Marinho, Teresa de Souza Campos to be stamped on the parade pieces of the São Paulo Fashion Week.

  • 2008 - 2009

    2008 - Art leaves the wall and decorates the table - At the table with Roberto Camasmie. It is the title of the exhibition that unites the beauty of woman and nature. A series of American games in varied styles: Provence, Impressionism and Surrealism. About acrylic, souvenirs of the 60s in ink, watercolor and ecoline: art applied to the day-to-day.

    2008 - With the show Silks and Dreams - Fashionable with Roberto Camasmie, the artist makes a collection of all his work through echarpes, pareos, shawls and scarves - the so-called carrés - with which every esteemed designer 'gives' his admirers. Thus, a greater number of women can use the creation of the artist and 'tie' in the silks, crepes and surá, to the taste of each one. The works recall influences, styles, techniques, interpretations and re-readings of all the artist's work and their figures: women, birds, butterflies, foliage, flowers.

    2008 - Licensed series exclusive and signed designs for the products of the multinational brand Tupperware for 4 seasons of the year in the profile of women inspired by the school of Giuseppe Arcimboldo Sec XVI, and also a collection of Angels for the Christmas period.

    2009 - It portrays the presidents of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, and the president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the work, in Expressionist style, presents a fusion of the images of the presidents and the colors of the flags of the two countries. The artist presented the portrait to Sarkozy, in Brasilia, with a worldwide broadcast.

    2009 - Arte Luce exhibits a series of lampshades truly illuminated canvases with linen domes painted in various styles and various techniques with psychedelic references

    2009 - Rede Globo television station commissioned the portraits of actress Flavia Alessandra, where the artist created in an abstract phase of light the face of the actress in several canvases, to illustrate the character Dafne in the novel "Caras e Bocas"

  • 2010 - 2012

    2010 - To celebrate the World Cup in South Africa, Camasmie creates in partnership with the cartoonist Leandro Spett, the portrait of the players of the Brazilian National Team portraying the eyes of the athletes in oil on canvas and Spett in his cartoon technique.

    2010 - In the Spring show by Roberto Camasmie, the artist presents a series of three-dimensional butterflies, inspired by the Brazilian fauna, painted with oil and acrylic on canvas applied on a plate that rested on the walls of the gallery as if they were to fly.

    2011 - Gravatt - Homage to the country, the artist creates a limited series of painted, numbered and signed ties interfering with the pieces and interpreting classic tie designs in pure Italian silk.

    2012 - Camasmie realizes a small trajectory of some periods of its work in the cultural space Monte Negro.

    2012 - In a large launch party inaugurates the Espaço Cultural Camasmie for corporate events such as product launches, lectures, exhibitions among others.

    2012 - Launch of the 3JMB productions site among an exclusive collection of credited works for this stage set company.

  • 2013 - 2014

    2013 - Camasmie and invited to participate in the Casa Moda Brides salon with an exclusive and unprecedented line of invitations and envelopes addressed to the bride and groom.

    2013 - Pascoart - The artist creates in partnership with Cacau Show a limited and signed collection of drawings and paintings with exotic rabbits directed to Easter packaging.

    2013 - Angels and Madonna: with the coming of Pope Francisco to Brazil, a portrait of his Holiness was created to complete the exhibition through many pieces of research of sacred and religious art, created a collection of paintings with a series of Madonna and Angels inspired in the works of the great artists of sec. XVI, XVII and XVIII, like Rafael, Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vince and Michelangelo, uniting the old and the contemporary in the same screen through mixed technique presented in oratorios true jewels.

    2014 - Art goes out of the wall and becomes floral sculpture, works that reveal goddesses, figures surrounded by flowers and natural and exotic foliage, these works were interpreted in the third dimension by a sculptor of the flowers.

    2014 - With the title "The selection designed by Camasmie and Baptistão" was inaugurated in June with a retrospective exhibition of the faces of the players of the cups of 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. These portraits were divided in half and interpreted in drawing by Camasmie and digital caricature by Baptistão.

    2014 - Infant Jesus Series in Prague - The artist on a recent trip to Prague in Czechoslovakia visited the Church of Our Lady Victorious, where the image of the Baby Jesus has been since 1628, with this visit he created 18 works, interpreted in a fund inspired by the Impressionism of Monet and Renoir, true Joiarte.

  • 2015 - 2016

    2015 "Muses Esculturais", the artist presented this exhibition in his workshop in the gardens in São Paulo to celebrate the spring. For the first time in her career were created 17 sculptures in steel corten, remembered with female faces, painted and enamelled in 3D. In this exhibition, they were portrayed in enamelled steel sculptures also some celebrities, among them: Ellen Roche, Elaine Mickely and Daniela Albuquerque

    2015 - "The Art to Color Four Hands" was the book published by Editora Caras with 45 thousand copies throughout Brazil, in this book the artist teaches the reader in its pages how to color their most famous drawings.

    2016 - "Dancers of Nature", with this title Camasmie honored the celebrated sculptor Edgar Degas for the 100th anniversary of his death. She created a series of paintings representing these dancers in oil technique, collage and paper folds in the form of flowers. And to compose the exhibition the artist created 18 cut and cut enamel sculptures in Corten steel representing in 3D the same paintings of the exposed screens.

    2016 - "Metamorphosis", with this title the plastic artist Roberto Camasmie, created a series of female profiles, which sought in natural elements to compose the magic heads, which receive flowers and butterflies of a thousand colors. This collection was inspired by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí (1904/1989).

    2016 - For the first time the Camasmie space, gathered in its space 10 artists for a collective exhibition with the theme "Women and Flowers of Spring", among the artists gathered: the sculptors Dolly Moreno and Bia Doria.

  • 2017

    2017 - Inaugurated the exhibition "MoonLight" - Paths of Light, an unprecedented collection inspired by the frantic life of the city of São Paulo, with its population always looking for ways of hope and peace, these characters are represented on canvas, these with small figures in blurred strokes with fluorescent colors framed with LED light and sound.

    2017 - October Exhibition "300 Years of Aparecida - 100 Years of Fatima" for the exhibition the artist created a collection of 18 canvases, crownedwith flowers, inspired by the Impressionist French School of Claude Monet, where the current touch is in the kinetic art of the frames, with LED lighting and a bold sound system.

    2017 - Invited by Luxus Magazine to create a painting and illustrate the cover of the important art yearbook and also be part of the editorial of the magazine

  • 2018

    2018 - New York in Gold, totally different from all the themes that inspire the artist until today, is a series of 17 contemporary impressionist paintings inspired by cosmopolitan, modern and dynamic New York. From a monochromatic palette of white gold and black tones, long human figures dance in the waters of abstraction. To complete this phase two world icons, essentially Americans: Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.